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Selfie Police, keep moving, I'm merely documenting my own existence. If you don't have enough pride in your life to want to remember as many individual days as I do, then we live differently and there is no point in arguing with me about it. Any other questions or accusations are accepted.


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"Marijuana is illegal for a reason." ›


Yes and no. A reason, yes, a good one, no. Marijuana is federally illegal because the food and drug administration. The FDA cannot make a profit from a natural medication. Americans can’t use a medicine no matter the studies that show it’s effects on viruses and the human body…

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Reblog GIVEAWAY!!! At home sick and thought I might finish this little doodle I found lying around and send it to one of my awesome followers :D

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wait but how accurate is this


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Model: skywartooth

H/MUA: thebirdbones

A little insight into my brain:

I found the “mask” that she is wearing while wandering around an antique shop, and the first thing I thought was “Wow! It looks like a rabbit mask from Bioshock! Very cool. I wonder why it’s so tiny?”

Only after carrying around for 20 minutes did I realize I was holding an animal pelvis that had been gessoed to death.

Of course that didn’t change anything, and it’s still a rabbit mask to me!

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Personified Glass on Flickr.

Weed Chapel on Flickr.

Shrine de Bongna on Flickr.



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Model: skywartooth

H/MUA: thebirdbones

This was just a H/MU shot for Gina, but the texture in her whirled dreads, and her earring and her ringlets, just made for a lovely stand alone portrait. So much texture!


The Trinity

Model: skywartooth

H/MUA: thebirdbones

Backlighting, cast shadow, reflection! Oh, and lens flare, so the Quadrinity?

I’m so into this


Rose Red II

Model: Skylyn

H/MUA: thebirdbones